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Zero a crescut cu 4.

Clasamentul actual CoinMarketCap estecu o capitalizare a pieței de indisponibilă. Sursa circulantă nu este disponibilă și o sursă max. Cel mai important serviciu de tranzacționare cu Zero este în prezent.

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Puteți găsi și altele pe. ZERO enables the simple creation of Web3 communities.

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As blockchain enters the mainstream, a new generation of creators are beginning to build a DAO-first world. Coordination structures that are natively digital, decentralized and operated with a token.

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These networks will out compete traditional organization models, such as startups and legacy institutions. Their advantage is access to real-time capital markets as well as incentive models that redistribute value to network contributors more equitably.

The result is a more effective coordination structure for generating prosperity.

Despre aplicație

ZERO provides an all-in-one platform for creating web3 communities. Communities are indexed according to their economy, exist as a DAO, and operate with a token. ZERO provides the core protocol stack on Ethereum for building any type of web3 application, network, or community, while removing the risk of security and radically increasing time to market.

a rulat neu-ner crypto trader show

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