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Cum să tranzacționați opțiunile de criptomonedă. Cum să tranzacționați pe o bursă criptografică. Avantajele și riscurile bitcoin

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How does options CFD trading work? When you trade options you are speculating on the future price strike price of an underlying instrument such as a stockindex or commodity. In CFD trading, a popular form of day trading, your profit or loss is determined by reference to the movement of an option price.

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You are not buying or selling the option itself. For a list of available options, click here.

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What are the main benefits of trading options CFDs? Trading on options has some important advantages: You can experience higher volatility — percentage changes in options tend to be much more significant, meaning they can potentially deliver greater returns along with greater risks.

It's possible to open larger positions with lower initial margin as options' prices are substantially cheaper than their underlying instruments.

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For example, Alphabet GOOG is viewed by some traders as an expensive stock, while the price of an Alphabet option can often be much more affordable - meaning you can buy more units for the same amount of initial capital. You can diversify your positions by trading on various strike prices.

Sursa imaginii: grafic din web. Criza subprime a perturbat grav toată lumea prin expunerea riscurilor pe care le implică piețele financiare. Prima criptomonedă, Bitcoin a fost creată în acest context, ca un semn de protest vizavi de rigiditatea și dependența valutelor de instituțiile financiare, dar Bitcoin a evoluat mult peste așteptări câștigând o enormă popularitate. Pentru traderii Forex, criptomoneda oferă oportunități de tranzactionare interesante datorită volatilității sale ridicate, dificil de ignorat, dar nu numai.

A strike price is defined as the rate the underlying instrument needs to reach by the expiry time in order for the trade to be in cum să tranzacționați opțiunile de criptomonedă. Plus only offers trading in options CFDs.

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These options CFDs give you an exposure to changes in option prices, they are cash settled and cannot be exercised by or against you or result in delivery of the underlying security.

Therefore, when the option CFD reaches its expiry date, the position will be closed.

Platforme de tranzacționare Tranzacționați de pe platforma dvs. Alături de WiredMarket, puteți avea acces fără precedent la cele mai bune oportunități de tranzacționare, de pe orice dispozitiv - PC, tabletă sau mobil, direct prin contul dvs. Tranzacționați de oriunde, oricând.

How does Bitcoin milionar e-mail zilnic work when trading options CFDS?

Accordingly, any potential profits or losses will be multiplied.

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How do options CFDs expire? Every option has a predefined expiry date.

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Typically set for one month ahead. As opposed to regular options traded in the market, Option CFDs' expiry date is set a few days before that of the underlying options.

This is due to very low trading activity on the related contract at this time.


How are options CFDs priced? In addition, option prices are heavily influenced by their supply and demand in the market. Prices of options CFDs are referenced to the price movements of the options.