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This is a crazy journey and is also a great year.

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There are many views worth updating and knowledge worth learning in this year. Here I'd like to share my harvest and views in this year.

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At the end of the year, I want to reflect and write down some important ideas I have learned from the practice of cryptocurrency for a year. Disclaimer: these tips don't necessarily apply to everyone. They are just my personal learning results.

Don't let yourself be passive. We must go deep into this field. Join discords and telegrams, and investigate in the Zai forum, which can be a great alpha source.

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Last year, and even before. What you need to know is that you can't seize all the opportunities, but you should try your best to seize them!

Have confidence in what you can bring to others, but also know your shortcomings and areas for improvement. Cryptocurrency can help you balance yourself better.

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This field is still small enough that everyone knows each other. Be a good man, don't sacrifice morality for interests.

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Win win "mutual success" is powerful. Challenge opinions, ask questions and find the best answers and opinions, because I think this field especially gives Bitcoin Investment Trust alpha the ability to question wrong opinions and spread their own opinions.

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To know how to filter useful information in noise, there is alpha! Just because they don't reveal their true identity doesn't mean they're not sincere.

Very good knowledge of client and legal matters addressed by the client. Accomplish tight deadlines. Lawyers we worked with: 1.